Sykes & Son Limited are recognised as the UK’s oldest building contractor

Established in 1759, Sykes & Son has evolved from a small specialist contractor into a medium-sized, multi-discipline contractor with an annual turnover of £30m.

Sykes & Son Limited have operated under 11 of the 13 British Monarchs since the Union of the Kingdoms of England and Scotland in 1707

We have been restoring, building, refurbishing and maintaining London’s heritage for over 260 years, with some impressive clients to our name.

We work with the oldest bank in the UK C Hoare & Co (founded 1672)

We are working with the world’s oldest national public museum The British Museum – founded in 1753 and opened its doors to the public in 1759.

We carry out maintenance in the oldest intact building in London, The White Tower – HM Tower of London.

We work with England’s oldest company, Trinity House.


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