As part of an organisational commitment to upholding high standards, we safeguard the health and safety of our own personnel and the wider communities within which we operate. We are pro-active in minimising our impact on the environment and continuously seek ways to improve upon our activities.

Sykes & Son Limited operates an Integrated Management System accredited to the British Standards Industry (BSI) throughout our activities. All procedures and processes required by the above internationally respected systems are applied throughout our works. We employ a full time QHSE Manager to monitor these standards and ensure compliance across the business.

Quality Management

With BS EN ISO 9001:2015 in place, clients can be assured that effective systems are used to ensure that the highest possible standard of workmanship is obtained and delivered in the most economic timeframe.

The main responsibility for monitoring our performance lies with our QHSE Manager, himself an ISO 9001:2015 lead auditor. Regular visits are made to all sites and compliance with the relevant standards is checked and assessed.

Auditing is completed with a system of continual auditing, from site safety inspections by managers and the QSHE Manager, with action plans and close-out dates, to external auditing by accredited bodies such as BSI.

Health & Safety Management

We have well-established policies and systems in place to manage Health & Safety operated in line with our BSI ISO 45001: 2018 accreditation. The H&S policy ensures compliance, whatever the contract.

We do not compromise when it comes to Health & Safety. Through a range of communications and targeted training initiatives we are working hard to achieve our goal: zero accidents and zero ill health caused by work.

All contracts are regularly assessed for Health & Safety risks and our QHSE Manager conducts site inspections where he proactively reviews and discusses Health & Safety issues with people at all levels. Our teams all work towards a series of objectives and targets that encompass safety, health and environmental issues to ensure that Sykes aspirations are fully supported.

Within the scope of projects, we undertake; you can be assured of full CDM compliance at all levels, encompassing design, principal contractor duties or contractor status.

Environmental Management

Our vision for the environment is to reduce our negative impacts by using the least resource possible and creating processes to deliver projects more efficiently. Through clearly defined procedures, training and communications we make sure that our environmental objectives are embedded within our company culture and business plans.

Driving our processes is an ISO 14001:2015 certified environmental management system supported by our full-time QHSE Manager.

We always look for environmentally friendly schemes and ideas we can incorporate into our works and are constantly reviewing industry best practice and the advice of our specialists to advise on opportunities. We work with organisations such as ‘Recycling Lives’ – a Queen’s Award-winning recycling company and social enterprise that employ over 200 people, many of whom are from marginalised or disadvantaged backgrounds, to collect and recycle site waste, providing us with a guarantee of zero waste to landfill, whilst providing social value. In 2021, we joined the National Hard Hat Recycling Scheme to recycle our old hard hats.

Sykes also recently signed up to the Paint 360 scheme to recycle paint. The Carbon Footprint Company calculated that a contractor using the paint, can effectively run a transit van five miles carbon-free for each litre of paint used.

We have produced a Sustainability Statement, which sets out our actions to promote sustainability in our activities, in order to reduce the environmental impacts of those activities and to help our clients and supply chain to do the same. This is available to view here Sustainability Statement.