The Sykes & Son team have successfully refurbished the upper floor of the south and east wings of Syon House to create a new apartment for the Duke of Northumberland and as lettable space for events.

The project centred on the refurbishment of living spaces, which had largely been unoccupied since the early 2000s, using as much 18th and 19th century design elements, materials, and crafts as possible whilst allowing them to function within the 21st Century.

Sykes recreated 6 Bedrooms, 7 Bathrooms, Entrance Hall, Dining Room, Sitting Room and Billiards Room with works occurring to main corridors and the Colonnade Staircase.

The project involved a wholesale upgrade of existing M&E services and entwining of modern equipment and materials into Robert Adam’s original 1760’s building structure. A small platform lift from ground level has also been installed providing access to all floors in this part of the building.

The most dramatic architectural alteration was the installation of a new English oak staircase to link the ground and 1st floors. The responsibility for the design rested with Sykes, with the aim to seam original building aesthetics with modern engineering methods. The challenge of this task was not limited to the primary design and installation but also how to sequence the installation within the already congested project programme, particularly as the installation resulted in segregating the main areas of refurbishments works.

All of the project challenges have been met, with stunning results, within the constraints of the building, the budget and programme. The refurbishment of Syon House has been adeptly delivered, and to a standard befitting its Grade I status.