In 2022, Sykes secured a 3-year measured term contract with QMUL, focussing on passive fire protection works on 5 London campuses.

The principal focus of this framework is to survey all residential, facility and educational buildings across the Mile End, Whitechapel, Charterhouse Square, West Smithfield, and Lincoln’s Inn Field campuses to determine the condition of fire doors and the quality of the building’s compartmentation.

Surveys began in July 2022 at Dawson Hall, one of the largest halls of residence, and then commenced on the Mile End campus. Sykes will establish an on-site team to begin the remedial actions. This will primarily be carried out on the 3500+ doors in residential buildings.

As many of the buildings at QMUL are occupied throughout the year, Sykes will work sensitively to allow students to continue studying and cause as little disruption to day-to-day activities of the university.

Utilising Bolster Survey Systems to record all surveys, we can accurately determine the remedial action required to all door sets. This brings efficiencies to procurement and scheduling, hence bringing average programme times and total costs down. Sykes will work with Queen Mary to ensure the fire doors and compartmentations remain at the highest standard, to keep the estate safe, as well as compliant into the future.

QMUL dates back to the foundation of The London Hospital Medical College in 1785. Much of the estate is Grade I or II listed, so listed building consent and specialist consultation is required.  As Sykes have worked within some of London’s most historic and important buildings, we are well versed in leading these works and preserving the buildings for the future.