Sykes & Son Limited provide M&E, Fabric and Life Safety maintenance to this Petrochemical Company’s UK head office and London portfolio.

Sykes began working with this international oil and gas company in 1994 and a maintenance contract has been in place since 1999. The scale of the portfolio, the ad-hoc works that arise and the need for a high quality finish place a unique emphasis on a tight partnership between us. Success demands a delicate balance of adaptability, creativity and flexibility to get the job done, whilst ensuring tight record keeping and vigilant cost control.

The challenge of this contract is ensuring that there are levels of resilience to support day to day operation within live premises. Given their global operations, it is imperative that the site is operational 24/7, 365 days a year.

In the years that we have worked together we have built up a detailed understanding of their requirements, and our in-house team have an intimate knowledge of the buildings, people, and infrastructure. By ensuring the smooth running of operations ‘behind the scenes’, we allow them to focus on their business.

The service provided goes above and beyond contract requirements and is exemplified by our ability to provide staff on short notice for ad-hoc works and projects.

Alongside the day to day maintenance, Sykes have carried out numerous projects to refurbish and upgrade the estate including a major office fit-out project to a regional office. Since completing the refurbishment of this property over the course of a 2.5 year multi-million-pound project, we have extended our maintenance contract to cover this site.