Sykes have been working with the City of London Corporation on minor M&E works since 2013 and have a deep understanding of the client requirements as well as knowledge of their diverse and varied property portfolio.

Our original M&E Minor Works contract was active from 2013 –2017 and covered M&E projects below £50k. Sykes were assigned as the MEAT (Most Economically Advantageous Tenderer) Contractor in the M&E lot making us the primary point of call for all M&E minor works and small projects. We successfully delivered over 300 projects at an approximate value of £6.5m.

In late 2017, the Corporations frameworks and term contracts were re-tendered, and Sykes secured our existing Measured Term Contract which covers all M&E projects below £250k.

Alongside this M&E Minor Works MTC, Sykes also secured places on 3 framework agreements with the Corporation in 2019 – Intermediate M&E Works (Tendered projects between £250k and £1m), Intermediate Building Fabric Works (Tendered projects between £250k and £1m) and Major Projects (Tendered projects between £1m and £4.6m).

The Corporations portfolio exceeds over 800 properties and includes corporate offices, schools, housing, police, investment properties, commercial sites, concert halls and open spaces. Much of the estate is Grade I or II listed.

Typical works orders include gas fired boiler replacements, heating system replacements, chiller replacements, HVAC systems, BMS systems, lighting, small power and fire and intruder alarms.

Our work with the City of London forms a significant proportion of our M&E and overall company turnover. City of London are one of our most valued and long-term clients, and we hope to extend the relationship for several more years to come.