Decorating project underway for Coram’s Fields

We are delighted to have started the redecoration and refurbishment of the Band Hall for our charity of the year, Coram’s Fields. This was a promise made before the world was turned on its head in March but one that we are happy to honour.

Coram’s Fields is a children’s only park and playground for children under 16 years old, and also provide services for all young people from the local community. The park is steeped in history and is noted for its well-known policy that ‘no adult can enter without a child’.

During this unprecedented time, Coram’s Fields has had to temporarily close, leaving thousands of children without access to open green space and the often life-changing support provided through their services. Over the first four weeks of closing, they lost 60% of their anticipated income. Further losses have seen them face an uncertain future.

As Coram’s Fields now continues its phased reopening of the park, we are increasing our fundraising efforts and support to help them through these challenging times, starting with the redecoration of their Band Hall.