Sykes currently manage a Measured Term Contract with the LSE. We have been working for the LSE continuously for over 20 years now.

The current contract covers a regular flow of minor building works, long-term maintenance and decoration works at the Aldwych campus, residences and sports ground under the JCT Measured Term Contract 2011 and using the National Schedule of Rates (NSR).

Works orders typically fall <£100k with the overall contract value approx. £2.3m (pa). Additional Building and M&E projects are tendered with the LSE ranging from £100k – £1m.

The LSE Estate is approximately 138,000 square metres with 32 buildings located on the Aldwych campus, which falls within the Strand Conservation Area.

Sykes have a permanent presence on site with a full-time Contract Manager leading a team of typically between 6-10 operatives with additional Admin and Surveying resources based out of the on-site office.